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School Hours

Before School:

The gates open at 7:30 AM. Children arriving before 7:30 AM must be supervised by an adult.

School Hours:

Students Line up at first bell (8:00 AM)

8:06 AM - 2:30 PM    

Lunch Time:

12:00 - 12:45 PM

After School Playground Hours:

2:30 - 6:00 PM

Office Hours:

7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Early Dismissals

Early Dismissal Day – Classes are dismissed at 1:30 PM on Tuesdays for teacher development sessions, from late August through April. Please see the school calendar for details.

Minimum Day Schedule – There are approximately ten days during the school year when students are dismissed at 12:30 p.m. Again, check the calendar for these dates.

School Visits

Please sign in at the Main Gate and come to the Office for a Visitor's Badge when visiting the school (except during Drop-Off and Pick-Up).  

A Message From The Principal

Dear Dahlia Families and Friends,

Welcome to our online community. Please check this website for school news, and be sure to visit the Dahlia PTA website at www.dahliapta.org for weekly updates, and to sign up for the informative PTA newsletter.

Our goal at Dahlia Heights Elementary School is to challenge your children intellectually and help them grow socially. Teachers and staff strive to create a challenging and supportive learning environment for all students. We work hard to help students achieve their potential. For those struggling to meet California State and or Common Core Standards, we have a strong intervention program. In addition to our focus on academic achievement, we are proud of our new garden curriculum, library, and computer lab, which has the latest Apple MacBook Pro computers. 

Our school has a reputation for creativity, support for music and art education, respect for the environment, and commitment to the community. Dahlia teachers are creative individuals who inspire their students while sharing their talents - talents such as painting, gardening, pottery making, or movie making. Our school also has an award-winning recycling program and fundraisers to help both the school and the community.

Dahlia Heights has a very supportive and involved parent community. We believe that a strong partnership between our school, the neighborhood, and home is critical to individual student and school success. We encourage and invite you to participate and volunteer. Without the support and involvement of parents and families our school could not function effectively. Working together enhances our school.

Our PTA is a wonderful and strong organization for you to join and a great way to get involved. Meetings are usually held the second Tuesday of each month. By attending monthly PTA meetings you will feel informed and a part of our school. To stay in the know about the PTA, please be sure to check their website, and you can email the PTA president, Pat Niessen, at president@dahliapta.org.

You may also find news about events in your child's backpack on Thursdays, as that is our specified day for sending home bulletins, memos, and important forms to be signed. Be sure to check their take-home folder, so you don't miss anything important!

We are excited to work with your family. Dahlia Heights Elementary School is a special place, and I hope you and your child will love it as much as I do. I look forward to great things!

- Kristin Shaw, Principal

School & PTA Calendar

Regular Bell Schedule


TIME                                    ACTION

*8:00 AM

Students Form into Classroom Lines

Then Teachers Escort Students to Class

*8:06 AM

School Begins

*10:00 to *10:20 AM

Primary Recess (K-3)

*10:25 to *10:45 AM

Upper Grade Recess (4-6)

*12:00 to *12:45 PM

Primary Eats Lunch, Then Plays       

Upper Eats Lunch, Then Plays

*2:30 PM

School Dismisses

 * indicates a bell



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