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School Statistics

School Statistics

You can see the latest LAUSD-provided school statistics for Dahlia Heights at this link:

Dahlia Heights Elementary School Statistics

School Report Card

The school report card is an accessible, annual summary of school performance designed to provide valuable feedback to teachers, administrators, parents and the community. The report card goes beyond test scores and emphasizes both a school’s performance and its progress.

Click below for a PDF copy of the latest Dahlia Heights School Report Card:

School Accountability Report Card (SARC) 2013-14

Test Taking Tips

For Best Results:

  • Sleep well the night before
  • Keep morning routines normal
  • Leave cell phones, electronic devices and valuables at home
  • Have a healthy breakfast that your child is used to eating
  • Be at school on time
  • Listen carefully to instructions
  • If you don’t understand instructions, raise your hand and ask a question
  • When a test starts: work calmly and mark answers carefully
  • Focus during the test
  • When the test is over: check your answers and erase any stray marks


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