Dahlia Heights Elementary

Our Staff




  Kristin Phelps-Shaw

Senior Administrative Assistant

  Adan Penate

Office Technician

  Elsa Medina

Facilities Manager

   Ruben Morales


  Ms. Lopez


  Donna Hirota

School Psychologist

  Valerie Ganguin

Share and Care Counselor

  Genia Young

Choral Music 

  Ms. Walsh


 Garnet Basile

Speech Therapist

  Juliet Kim

Adaptive Phys. Ed.

  Vanna Thon

Occupational Therapy

  Marie Manning

Yard Supervision

  Melida Villapudua


Dahlia Heights is fortunate to have excellent educators and staff. 


Ms. Kathie Zeigler Kindergarten Room 12

Mr. Mike Morales Kindergarten Room 14

Ms. Jennifer Miranda Kindergarten Room 17

Mr. David Younger 1st Room 20

Ms. Carrie Folker 1st Room 18

Mr. Daron George 1st/2nd Room 3

Ms. Maria Montez 2nd Room 2

Mr. Mike Christy 2nd Room 1

Mrs. Francie Kugelman 3rd Room 4

Ms. Shakeh Gouzoubachian 3rd Room 8

Mrs. Cindy Daniel 4th Room 6

Ms. Sharon Codd 4th/5th Room 9

Ms. Debbie Atwell 5th Room 10

Ms. Ripsime Gezalyan 6th Room 7

Mrs. Consuelo Santana 6th Room 5

Mrs. Cheryl Lopez SLD Room 16

Ms. Susana Castro AUT Room 19

Mr. Martin Lizarde RSP  Room 15






Ms. Almodovar

Mr. Cisneros

Ms. Coady

Ms. Gallegos

Mr. Hernandez

Ms. Padilla

Ms. Quirarte

Ms. Sanchez


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