Dahlia Heights Elementary Home
Our Staff



  Kristin Shaw

Senior Administrative Assistant

  Adan Penate

Office Technician

  Elsa Medina

Facilities Manager

   Ruben Morales


  Ms. Lopez


  Donna Hirota

School Psychologist

  Mary Chau

Share and Care Counselor

  Genia Young

Choral Music 

  Ms. Walsh


 Garnet Basile

Speech Therapist

  Juliet Kim

Adaptive Phys. Ed.

  Linda Hernandez

Occupational Therapy

  Lauren Wayne

Yard Supervision

  Melida Villapudua

  & Nuvia Trulillo


Dahlia Heights is fortunate to have a full roster of excellent educators and staff. Learn the names of some of the key people in your child’s school life in this directory.  


 Mr. Morales        Ms. Zeigler

First Grade

 Mrs. Folker      Mr. Younger

Second Grade

       Mr. Christy        Ms. Montez

Third Grade

 Mrs. Roberts      Ms. Gouzoubachian      Mrs. Zamora

Fourth Grade

 Mrs. Daniel      Mr. George

Fifth Grade

 Mrs. Kugelman

Sixth Grade

 Ms. Pacheco      Mrs. Torres


 Mrs. Lopez

Resource Specialist

 Ms. Fitzgerald

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Teacher Aides

Ms. Almodovar

Ms. Cantore

Mr. Cisneros

Ms. Coady

Mr. Delaney

Ms. Gallegos

Mrs. Garcia

Mr. Miyamoto

Ms. Padilla

Ms. Quirarte

Ms. Torres