Dahlia Heights Elementary Home
The Curriculum at Dahlia Heights

Your child's experience in school sets the foundation for a positive attitude toward learning. Our staff strives to provide an environment that nurtures each child’s capacity to learn.

We believe the best education for our students happens when teachers and parents act as partners. Research has shown that the interaction and involvement of the parent in the educational process is vital to a child's success.

Elementary school is a fun and challenging time for your child. Children build new skills, discover and develop new interests, and make important friendships. The elementary school curriculum exposes your child to arts, music, math, science, history, and literature and builds fundamental skills.  Our rigorous curriculum stresses differentiation of instruction, educational projects and enrichment.


Dahlia Heights, like all other LAUSD elementary schools, uses McGraw Hill's California Treasures system in kindergarten through sixth grade. CA Treasures is based on the idea of balanced literacy, ...more


Children learn Math beginning with basic arithmetic and move on to geometry and basic algebra. It is critical that your child masters each skill as Math utilizes previous skills to build new skills.  Our math program is called EnVision Math.